European guidelines for border measures to protect health and keep goods and essential services available

This week the European Union presented guidelines to Member States on health-related border management measures in the context of the COVID-19 emergency.

The aim is to protect citizens’ health, ensure the right treatment of people who do have to travel, and make sure essential goods and services remain available.

The President Von Der Leyen said:

“Our measures to contain the Coronavirus outbreak will be effective only if we coordinate on the European level. We have to take exceptional measures to protect the health of our citizens.

But let’s make sure goods and essential services continue to flow in our internal market.

This is the only way to prevent shortages of medical equipment or food.

It’s not only an economic issue: our single market is a key instrument of European solidarity. I am in discussion with all Member States so that we confront this challenge together, as a Union”

The guidelines set out principles for an integrated approach to an effective border management to protect health while preserving the integrity of the internal market

Source: European Union

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