Videoconference between President Von Der Leyen and President of the Council of Ministers Conte

President Von Der Leyen, following a preliminar conversation with President Conte and the extraordinary video-meeting of the European Council, expressed appreciation for the efforts undertaken by the Italian Government and recognized the social and economic burden the current crisis imposes to the population.

It has been an exchanged views on outcomes of the EUCO teleconference and on the guidelines, the European Union will adopt by the end of the week. These will concern in particular how to apply flexibility in the context of the Stability and Growth Pact and on the provision of State Aid.

Both leaders agreed that:

  • the Coronavirus is a Global and European crisis that requires a strong coordinated European response and solidarity
  • Italy is currently at the forefront in the battle to contain the diffusion of the virus in Europe and faces immediate health, social and economic consequences
  • actions taken by every member state have an impact on the rest of the EU

In addition, both agreed on the importance of taking swift action in the following areas:

  • sharing of all relevant information concerning the diffusion of the virus and measures adopted
  • establishing a dedicated team of scientist at the EU level that will help coordinate efforts and harmonize interventions
  • reinforcing efforts on research
  • coordinating the production and the distribution of medical equipment and pharmaceutical products as well as calling for any restrictive measure by Member States to be first discussed at the European level, so that vital supplies go where they are needed most, the internal market functions properly and any unjustified obstacle is avoided

President Conte welcomed the commitment of the President Von Der Leyen to act now, with adequate measures and without hesitation

That lessons have to be drawn by the experience matured in Italy to help guiding European policies

Source: European Union

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