Kian is a no- profit foundation focused on building long term relationships.
Its simple style is designed to investing in the future throughout european and international tools
Europe has the strength of its people
Its name and logo chosen are the symbol of strength into the history and the ancient and modern culture.
At the age of Sumeri, the word “KI” means goddess of Earth and the word “AN” means god of Heaven
It’s for this reason that “KI AN” is the final name chosen by ourselves

    Are you looking for partners?
Are you looking for a serious expert and motivated partner for your project?
We could be exactly what are you looking for!
We are available to be your hosting organisation and to provide you with all the services related to your mobility
Please visit our website and do not hesitate to contact us at: info@fondazionekian.com for any kind of question!
We try to make a difference!