The April infringements package: Commission acts for full, proper and timely implementation of EU law for the benefit of citizens and businesses

To help citizens and businesses benefit fully from the internal market, the European Commission continuously engages with and, if necessary, initiates infringement procedures against Member States which do not respect European law.

The European Commission also closes pending cases where the Member State concerned, in cooperation with the Commission, has solved the problem and ensured compliance with EU law, thus rendering a referral to the Court of Justice of the EU unnecessary.

This month, as part of its monthly package of infringement decisions, the Commission took a number of decisions. The Commission also decided to refer six Member States to the Court of Justice of the EU in a number of other areas covering:

  • environment (Germany and Poland),

  • mobility and transport (Spain and the Netherlands – on the interoperability of the rail system and on the railway safety directive),

  • taxation and Customs Union (Germany)

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