World trade Organization confirms Russian pork ban is illegal

The world trade Organization’s appellate body confirmed that Russia’s import ban from 2014 on live pigs, pork and other pig products from the european Union violates international trade rules.
The ruling concerns a ban imposed by Russia because of the outbreak of African swine fever in areas in the european Union close to the border with Belarus.
In August 2016, a world trade Organization’s panel acknoledged that the Russian measures are not based on the relevant international standards and violate world trade Organization’s rules. The ruling confirms this finding, thereby sending another strong signal to Russia and all world trade Organization’s members on their obligation to respect international standards and, in particular, the principle of regionalisation, which would allow trade from individual areas of a country which are recognised as pest or disease-free, independent of the health status in the rest of the country. The european Union has one of the world’s most efficient animal health and food safety systems, including high detection levels and stringent risk management rules. European products from disease-free areas are safe, and there is no need for any country to maintain unjustified import restrictions. The european calls on Russia to withdraw its unjustified measures and allow european companies to resume normal business with their Russian partners.

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