Solidarity with Italy: european funds to support reconstruction efforts after the earthquakes

When tragedy struck the heart of Italy with a deadly earthquake and aftershocks at the end of August 2016, and again in October, the european Commission stood in full solidarity with the Italian people. The Commission announced its full support, first to address the immediate emergency situation, and later to start rebuilding, together with the national authorities.

The Commission gives now a concrete follow up to its commitment, with two decisions aimed at supporting reconstruction efforts and regenerating economic activity in the affected regions with european funds.

The european Commission President said:

“It is our duty as europeans to stand by Italy and its citizens, who are showing extraordinary courage in times of difficulty, in order to help the effort to overcome as soon as possible the consequences of the earthquakes and to reconstruct fully the areas damaged. Reconstructing the beautiful Basilica of San Benedetto in Norcia with the help of european funds will be a lasting symbol of european solidarity and of the ability of the Italian people to bounce back.”

The european commissioner for regional policy added:

“We have expressed our deepest sympathy to the Italian people in the wake of these disasters and we have moved from words to actions, with our continued efforts to address the specific needs of the affected communities via the european solidarity fund and cohesion policy. We will stand side by side with Italy throughout the reconstruction process”

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