European Commission vice-President for energy union visits Moscow, announces hosting of gas trilateral in Brussels

In meetings with Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister, Russia’s Energy Minister and Deputy Chairman, european Commission vice-President has reiterated the readiness of the european Commission to continue discussing gas supplies for the ongoing winter in the trilateral format involving Russia, Ukraine and the European Commission.
In this context, european Commission vice-President said:
I look forward to hosting gas talks with Russia, Ukraine and the European Commission. The next round of talks should happen in Brussels soon. In the past, this forum has proven its usefulness: it is better for all to sit down together around one table. Russia as an exporter, Ukraine as a transit country and the european Union as the main importer share a common interest of predictability. The trilateral format remains the most suitable for discussing gas supplies for the upcoming winter heating season.”
On the significance of energy relations between the european Union and Russia, Vice-President said:
The European Union and the Russian Federation are interdependent in energy matters. The european Union is the key customer for Russia´s fossile fuel exports: We pay on time. We pay in hard currency. And we also want to buy Russian gas in the future“.
The European Union and the Russian Federation have had a long-standing relationship in energy – one of mutual interdependence, beneficial to both. Energy has been a key element in Europe’s trade with Russia for many years and it will continue to play an important role in the future. Europe has been a major, stable market, and a reliable customer for Russia. As Russia’s key customer, and a major energy consumer, the european Union would wish to continue to see Russia as a reliable energy partner. Despite the number of issues relating to bilateral gas trade today, the european Union also wishes to continue to see Russia as a reliable supplier of natural gas.
In the same manner as producers are fully entitled to explore possibilities of developing new markets, consumers are fully entitled to seek competitive prices, and diversification of energy sources and routes. Stability and predictability are beneficial for both the european Union and Russia.
The european Union has embarked on a major project of developing an energy union and is fully committed to its objectives, including energy security of all of european Union members, as well as Ukraine and other countries.

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