Syria: negotiations in Geneva ended without signing the agreement

Negotiations in Geneva, John Kerry and Sergei Lavrov. Meeting of the Foreign Ministers of Russia and the United States continued 12:00. But a joint ceasefire agreement was signed in Syria. However, as John Kerry, said Russia and the United States have achieved clarity on further steps to Syria.

“We do not want to sign an agreement for the sake of an agreement. We want to do something effective that will benefit the people of Syria, that will make the region more secure
and that will allow us to come to the negotiating table in Geneva to find a political solution, “said United States Secretary of State, at a joint press conference.

In turn, Sergei Lavrov said that Russia and the United States were able to make some important steps forward on the Syrian settlement:

“We agreed on specific areas on which we will
to work with the parties. Russia-with the Government (Syria, ed. Note), the United States is with the opposition, “the Minister said. -Will work with regional partners and we and our American colleagues. ”

The situation in Syria took the bulk of negotiations, Kerry and Lavrov in Geneva.
According to John Kerry, as a result of the Geneva talks and Russia United States position on Syria very narrowed. The yield on the final agreement on a sustainable ceasefire can become a turning point in the Syrian conflict.

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