EU Health data space to boost access to data and research

During this week, MEPs adopted their position on creating a European Health Data Space to ease access to personal health data and boost secure sharing

The New European Health Data Space would empower citizens to control their personal healthcare data and facilitate secure sharing for research.

The law would give patients the right to access their personal health data across the EU’s different healthcare systems (so-called primary use), and allow health professionals to access data on their patients, strictly based on what is necessary for a given treatment. Access would include patient summaries, electronic prescriptions, medical imagery and laboratory results.

The EHDS would allow aggregated health data, including on pathogens, health claims and reimbursements, genetic data and public health registry information, to be shared for public interest reasons, including research, innovation, policy-making, education and patient safety purposes (so-called secondary use). Sharing data for advertising or for assessing insurance requests will be banned.

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