Italy’s third payment request and targeted revision of its recovery and resilience plan

The European Union has endorsed a positive preliminary assessment of 54 milestones and targets linked to Italy’s third payment request under the Recovery and Resilience Facility.

On 30 December 2022, Italy submitted to the European Union a third payment request based on the milestones and targets set out in the Council Implementing Decision. After assessing the evidence provided by the Italian authorities, the European Union considered 39 milestones and 15 targets to be satisfactorily fulfilled.

The 54 milestones and targets that have been satisfactorily fulfilled demonstrate significant progress in the implementation of Italy’s recovery and resilience plan. They cover wide-ranging transformative reforms in the areas of competition law, the justice system, public and tax administration, as well as education, the labour market and the healthcare system. The payment request also covers investments to foster the digital and green transition, and to improve support for research, innovation and education.

One target related to the number of new places in student accommodation was not covered by the assessment. Italy has requested to amend this target and replace it with a milestone related to the awarding of initial contracts for providing new places in student accommodation. This milestone will be added to the fourth payment request.

The adoption of an ambitious competition law will contribute to improve the business environment in several sectors cutting across the economy. Further steps taken in the implementation of the reforms of the public administration and justice will help make the system simpler and more effective. The strengthening of the ex-post evaluation framework for spending reviews and the efforts made to increase tax compliance are expected to positively contribute to public finance management.

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