Constitution of the 9th legislature of the European Parliament

The 9th legislature of the European Parliament was officially constituted the 2nd of July in Strasbourg by outgoing President Antonio Tajani. The new President of the European Parliament is David Sassoli.

There is a higher percentage turnover than ever before (61% new MEPs) and a higher percentage of female MEPs than in the past (40%), compared to 37% in 2014.

The youngest MEP is Kira Marie Peter- Hansen from Denmark (21 years old) and the oldest is Silvio Berlusconi from Italy (82 years old)

The new parliament is composed of seven political groups – one less than the previous legislature – since 2009, according to Parliament’s rules of procedure, a political group shall consist of at least 25 Members elected in at least seven Member States

Good job to all of MEPs

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