European Union takes Italy to Court over air pollution and failure to properly treat urban waste water

The European Union decided to refer Italy to the Court of Justice of the Eu in two separate cases regarding environment legislation, in the specific – air and water pollution

The first case concerns air pollution, and a failure to protect citizens against the effects of nitrogen dioxide (NO2). The European Union is calling Italy to respect agreed air quality limit values and take appropriate measures to cut pollution levels in ten agglomerations covering around 7 million people.

The second Court case against Italy is regarding water pollution. Italy is failing to ensure that all agglomerations with a population of more than 2000 are provided with collecting systems for urban waste water and that urban waste water entering collecting systems is adequately treated before discharge

The European Union considers that 620 agglomerations in 16 regions – Abruzzo, Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Lazio, Liguria, Lombardia, Marche, Puglia, Sardegna, Sicilia, Toscana, Umbria, Valle d’Aosta and Veneto – are in breach of EU rules on collection or treatment of urban waste water

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