€ 172 million to promote EU agri-food products in and outside the EU

It will provide funding of € 172,5 million from the EU agricultural budget to promote EU agri-food products in Europe and across the World.

79 campaigns, covering a wide range of products such as dairy products, olives and olive oil, and fruit and vegetables, will be rolled out over the next three years.

The Agriculture and rural development Commissioner said:

Europe is known around the World for its good quality food products and its culinary heritage. EU producers can count on the support of the Eu institutions to help spread the word in Europe and beyond about their high quality products. I have been traveling myself to several countries around the world, like China, Japan, Mexico or Colombia to open new markets for our products. There is a great potential ahead of us

The programs are designed to help producers in the EU agri-food sector communicate about the quality of their products, with a view of promoting their products within the EU and also opening new markets. They focus on a number of priorities such as highlighting the quality of European food with geographical indications, or organic production methods.

Out of the 79 approved programs, 48 of them target non- EU countries. Certain product sectors are also significantly represented. For instance, 23 programmes are dedicated to the fruit and vegetables sector. Other sectors include cheese and dairy products.

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