Back to school: schoolchildren to receive milk, fruits and vegetables at school thanks to european programme

The European school fruit, vegetables and milk scheme resumes with the school year in the participating european Countries.

Aimed at promoting healthy eating habits among children, the European school scheme includes the distribution of fruits, vegetables and milk products, as well as dedicated educational programmes to teach pupils about the importance of good nutrition and to explain how food is produced

With the number of participating schools increasing, the healthy eating initiative reached over 30 million children across the European Union in the 2017/2018 school year.

The European Commissioner for Agriculture and rural development said:

It is important to know where our food comes from and the hard work that comes with it. With the European school schemes, not only do the children learn about farming and food production but they also taste quality produce and benefit from their nutritional values. It is never too early to enjoy good food!

Under the scheme, € 150 million is set aside each school year for fruit and vegetables and € 100 million for milk and other dairy products.

Although participation is voluntary, all European member states opted to get involved, either for all or part of the scheme.

The choice of products distributed is based on health and environmental considerations, seasonality, variety and availability. Member states may encourage local or regional purchasing, organic products, short supply chains, environmental benefits, agricultural quality schemes.

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