• Month of January

22 /01: Foreign affairs Council in Brussels

22/01: Eurogroup in Brussels

23 /01: Economic and financial affairs Council in Brussels

24/01: College meeting

25-26/01: informal meeting of justice and home affairs ministers in Sofia, Bulgaria

31/01- 02/02: informal meeting of competitiveness ministers in Sofia, Bulgaria

  • Month of February

5-8/02: European Parliament Plenary session in Strasbourg

06/02: College meeting

15/02: Council on Education

15-16/02: informal meeting of foreign affairs ministers, in Sofia

19/02: agriculture and fisheries council

19/02: Eurogroup

20/02: Economic and financial affairs council

23/02: European Council – informal meeting of heads of state or government

26/02: Foreign affairs council

26/02: Council on energy

26/02: European Union – Kazakhstan cooperation council

27/02: general affairs Council

27/02: informal meeting of foreign affairs ministers on trade, in Sofia

28/02: informal meeting of education in Sofia

  • Month of March

19/03: Agriculture and Fisheries Council

19/03: Foreign affairs Council

20/03: General affairs Council

21/03: College meeting

22-23/03: European Council

26/03: European Union – Turkey leaders’ meeting in Varna, Bulgaria

28/03: College meeting

  • Month of April

10-11/04: Informal meeting of environment ministers in Sofia, Bulgaria

12/04: general affairs Council on cohesion

16/04: Foreign affairs Council

16-17/04: Agriculture and Fisheries Council

17/04: General affairs Council

17-18/04: informal meeting of employment, social policy and health ministers on social policy in Sofia, Bulgaria

19/04: Informal meeting of energy ministers in Sofia, Bulgaria

19/04: Justice and home affairs Council

23/04: informal meeting of employment, social policy and health ministers on health in Sofia, Bulgaria

27/04: Eurogroup

27-28/04: informal meeting of economic and financial affairs ministers in Sofia, Bulgaria





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