Activities: month of October 2017

09/10 Eurogroup 09-10/10 Agriculture and Fisheries Council 10/10 Economic and financial affairs Council 11/10 College meeting 12-13/10 Justice and Home affairs Council 13/10 Environment Council 16/10 Foreign affairs Council 17/10 General affairs Council 17/10 Competitiveness Council 18/10 Tripartite social Summit 19-20/10 European Council 23/10 Employment, social policy, health and consumer affairs council 23-26/10 European Parliament Read more about Activities: month of October 2017[…]

Activities: Month of September

25- 26/09: General affairs council in Brussels 28/09: Informal dinner of the European Union – European head of state or government on the Future of Europe, in Tallinn 29/09: Tallinn digital Summit, in Tallinn

Activities: Month of July

3-7/07: Plenary session in Strasbourg 10/07: Eurogroup Eu- Bosnia and Herzegovina stabilisation and association council Eu- Jordan Association council 11/07: Economic and financial affairs Council 12-13/07: College of commissioners Western Balkans Summit Eu- Ukraine summit 14-15/07: Informal meeting of environment ministers 17-18/07 Foreign affairs Council Eu- Uzbekistan cooperation council Agriculture and fisheries Council informal meeting Read more about Activities: Month of July[…]

Activities – Month of June

01-02/06 EU- China Summit 08-09/06 Informal meeting of the General Affairs Council 08-09/06 Justice and Home Affairs Council 08-09/06 Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council 12/06 Agriculture and Fisheries Council 15/06 Eurogroup 19/06 Foreign Affairs Council 19/06 Environment Council 20/06 General Affairs Council 22-23/06 European Council

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